Journey Towards New Future

9 Challenges

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Talent Accelerator

Business Intelligence

Platform Metacognition

Talent Search

seeking ideas on how the platform can help to identify and retain talent.
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Business Model

seeking ideas on how to build the value proportion, reach/keep the audience in the platform business model towards its existence and sustainability
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Governance Model

Our platform can orchestrate talent, SMEs, Sponsors, and business owners, to create value through a set of rules of unique and simplified governance
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Talent Empowerment

seeking ideas on how the platform can help to fullfill the needs of empowerment to become human capital
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Brand and Marketing

seeking ideas on how to build actionable strategies and tactics to design,brand and position platforms
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Platform Tools and Resources

seeking ideas on how to build a global scale platform using revoultionary technology and tools
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Collective intelligence Development

seeking ideas on how the platform can design and develop to allow talent to work together to share ideas together and to learn from each other
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Innovation Streaming

seeking ideas on how to apply platform thinking logic to establish gravity of talent pool and foster innovation by injecting challanges to the platform
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Platform Laverage

seeking ideas on how to kick-off a platform and sustain it by managing its growth
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pre ideathon?

Participants will be oriented on the prosses of the ideathon, the challenges and who to find the right solutions collectively. And finally, how to use the innovation platform.

What is ideathon ?

  • The Ideathon aspires to create a worldwide talent platform that will empower talented individuals from around the world. It will provide qualitative solutions to the various difficulties that society will face in the future. The conference's bright guests will work on challenges to create the specifications and features of this global employee management platform with new solutions. The platform developed intends to attract and develop talent in order to produce new, long-term solutions to future and long-term development concerns.
  • Around a hundred talented young people from around the world who are now studying or have graduated from the world's top fifty universities will participate in the Ideathon and conference, aided by specialists specializing in talent, creativity, innovation, and technology.
  • These innovators will collaborate in diverse groups based on talent and specialty to create high-quality ideas for the requirements and services of this global talent platform.
  • aiming of making talented leaders to solve challenges and problems.

What is Global Talent Platform “GTP”?

The Global Talent Platform ("GTP") is a platform to empower talented people from all over the world. It will contribute qualitative solutions to the various challenges facing societies in the future. The talented individuals at the conference will work on challenges to develop the specifications and characteristics of this global talent management platform with innovative solutions. The platform created aims to attract and develop talent to produce innovative, sustainable solutions to future and sustainable development challenges.
We are looking to achieve a GTP blueprint that will enable talented participants from around the world to reach their career capital using the GTP in a way that connects them with SMEs locally and internationally.

What is a group

A group is a cluster of participants containing five.

What is a Challenge?
How can I nominate as a group leader?
  • Participants will be divided into 20 groups.
  • Each group contains 5 participants.
  • Each group will have a number starting from ONE to TWENTY.
  • Each group will have a team leader.
  • Work collectively to win together as a group.
How to submit final idea during the hackthon?

From the team leader account on the innovation platform, you should submit the group’s idea.

Should I be on a team when submitting my idea?

Yes, all submitted ideas result from Teamwork

What are the prizes?

Will be announced later

How do I know my team?

The group division will be printed on the table.

How are the winners selected?

According to specific criteria that exists on the (File)

What should I bring?

Your big mind and spirit of the teamwork.